Daily Topic for January 14, 2011

Isaiah 37:20
Now, O Lord our God, deliver us from his hand, so that all kingdoms on earth may know that You alone, O Lord, are God.

Sennacherib and the Assyrian army had laid siege to the walls of Jerusalem, and when their army officials taunted King Hezekiah and his God in a written message, Hezekiah went to the Temple and spread out the scroll before the Lord in prayer. And for what did he ask? For deliverance, yes, but deliverance with a purpose—so that all kingdoms on earth, including the Assyrians, would know that only Jehovah is God. How often do we, when pressed by adversity or personal need, ask God to further His purposes among the nations by meeting our needs?

In prayer, commit to God the crises in your life. Pray that He will answer our prayers in ways that will glorify Him among the nations.

Shuwa Baggara Arabs

by WK

“My family was attacked in Sudan,” said the light-skinned man, his hands shaking from the recent memory. “We fled across the burning desert, and I’m the only one who managed to get here alive.” He was now at a refugee camp in Chad. Here there were many shattered Shuwa families, victims of the violence spilling out of the Darfur Region on the Sudanese side of the border. Even the Shuwas who had lived for many years in Chad weren’t safe. Militia groups from Darfur sometimes raided the border regions of Chad.

The Shuwa Baggaras are an Arab people group that lives on both sides of the Sudanese-Chadian border. They speak a language similar to Arabic, one that has a written form. There is a complete Bible translation in their dialect. There are very few followers of Christ among them.

Ask God to raise up relief workers full of faith, who can meet the physical and spiritual needs of the Shuwa Baggara people. Pray that the Lord would open the hearts of this people group to the message of salvation in Christ. There are reached people groups in other parts of Chad. Ask God to lead faithful workers from these people groups to reach out to the Shuwas with the message that can save their souls.

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Pray that God’s Word will become readily available to them.

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