Daily Topic for December 21, 2011

Psalms 102:18-20
Let this be written for a future generation…. The Lord looked down…from heaven He viewed the earth, to hear the groans of the prisoners and release those condemned to death.

Throughout the world today prisons are full of criminals, political dissidents, and those imprisoned for religious convictions. Without Christ we are all prisoners of sin under the sentence of death. Christ came to bring life to all who call upon His Name. But how can they call on His Name unless they have heard? And how can they hear without a preacher? There is a Savior waiting for them to call on His Name.

Pray today for those who are doubly imprisoned—both physically and spiritually. Pray for those attempting to bring light to these dark places.

Shi’ite Muslims of Bahrain

by PD

“What can I do but fight! I have no life! No job! Nothing! We live in poverty with no hope of ever rising above it because we are Shi’ites! The Sunni rulers do not care anything about us.” Twenty year old Ali, a Bahraini Shi’ite Muslim, knew that even as he spoke to a reporter he was risking his life.
Ali continued, “It gets worse each day. We are facing total annihilation. People are killed in the streets by the police, foreign thugs, and the Saudi Army. They have taken over our hospitals, schools, press, businesses, and they even invade our homes. I don’t care anymore what they do to me!” I would rather die fighting then surrender.” His mother cried and pleaded, “Do not say that! Your brother was killed fighting them!”
About 54 percent of Bahrain’s 1.2 million people are Arab Bahraini nationals. The other inhabitants are mostly from different Arab countries. There are also many people from Iran, and almost all of them are Shi’ites. Almost 81 percent of the people in the country are Muslims of which 2/3 are Shi’ites who have been under the rule of the Sunni minority. Although Christian evangelism is forbidden, Bahrain has the largest Arab Christian community in the Gulf. It has allowed Christians freedom of worship.

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Pray that through the turmoil, the Shi’ite Muslims of Bahrain will find true hope and peace through hearing God’s Word and accepting Jesus. Pray that Bahraini believers will have a strong fearless witness for Christ.

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