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Genesis 24:12
Then he prayed, “Oh Lord, God of my master Abraham, give me success today, and show kindness to my master Abraham.”

The Shaikhs would find Genesis 24 very interesting. They understand the importance of prayer before making a big decision. As Muslims, they identify with Abraham. They believe that the Bible is a very interesting book to read. However, it’s unfortunate that Muslims are often taught that the Bible has been corrupted with error. Nevertheless, Shaikhs often find it almost impossible to put the Scriptures down once they have a taste of it.

Pray that workers will use Bible portions in appropriate languages to give peoples like the Shaikhs a “free sample” of God’s Word that could lead to them reading it in its entirety.

Shaikh Muslims of Nepal

by PD

Abdullah, a Shaikh Muslim and Adal, a Sayyid Muslim, were eagerly waiting for the response of two Nepalese Muslim imams in Kathmandu. The men had come to ask the imams to perform the marriage ceremonies for their older children, but they knew the imams would have to pray about it first. The time arrived; the imams said Allah had given His consent. Abdullah and Adal immediately told their wives, and the wedding preparations began. Ameera, mother of the groom, had already prepared the traditional gift of a gold coin wrapped in a silk cloth to take to her future daughter-in-law. Maheen, the bride’s mother, hurried to prepare a special meal for her future in-laws. All this was an important part of the preparation for the wedding.

The Sayyids and Shaikhs are alike in many respects. They often are prominent in business and respected in religious matters. Shaikh in Arabic is translated as “elder,” denoting that they have wisdom, an honor that they eagerly accept. Originally many of them were converts from Hindu castes. Numbering about 750,000, Shaikhs can be found living in the capital city of Kathmandu and the Rampur Region of Nepal. Nepali is their primary language. Recently the Qur’an was translated into Nepali and many Shaikhs are reading it.

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Pray for Shaikh leaders to have regular contact with vibrant believers who can point them to the cross. Pray that the Shaikhs will find spiritual answers in Christ that will bless their communities for many generations to come.

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