Daily Topic for November 25, 2010

Acts 4:24
...And when they heard that, they lifted up their voice to God with one accord, and said, ‘Lord, thou art God, which hast made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and all that in them is... ‘

Shahmirzadi people believe that Allah (God) is the true God and that Mohammad is His prophet. Their Qur’an acknowledges God as Creator. It however, does not show the Creator God as the One who sent Jesus as the Savior and greatest teacher for mankind.

Pray they will come to know the holiness of the Creator and live according to His teachings through Jesus. May they unite with other followers of Christ and lift up their voice to God with one accord.

Shahmirzadi People of Iran

by PD

A Shahmirzadi woman from Tehran told her friend some things that would make anyone want to visit her region of Iran. “I have wonderful memories of our summer vacations in Shahmirzad with my family. We ate my grandmother’s walnut cake, played in the beautiful streams and sang songs at night while sitting around a fire, which we built next to the bubbling pools. My grandparents often said that Allah gave Shahmirzad as a gift to the world.”

The town of Shahmirzad is in Iran’s Semnan Province. It is home to the Shahmirzadi people. They are proud of their culture, and the Shahmirzadi language gives them a strong identity. The natural beauty and the cool climate of Shahmirzad attracts many tourists. In the summer, its population of 8,000 expands up to 40,000. Walnuts and bottled water are main exports from the region. Some Shahmirzadi people have immigrated to the United States, mostly to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Although many Shahmirzadi people live in one of the most peaceful and beautiful regions of Iran, they do not know the peace of having Jesus in their lives. Political pressures have not allowed outreach in this quiet area.

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Pray that God will protect His followers and send them to the Shahmirzadi people. Pray that God will use Shadmirzadi believers as witnesses to the many other Shi’ite peoples of Iran who come to their area on vacations. Pray that Shahmirzad people in America will also hear and respond to the gospel.

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