Daily Topic for October 08, 2011

Judges 7:3
Send home any of your men who are timid and frightened…

It is very difficult for anyone to turn their allegiance to the God of the Bible when their families and friends might turn their backs on them. In parts of the world where families remain strong, like in India, your family is everything to you. Without them, you have little chance to make a living or even find a spouse. They are your emotional support no matter what may come your way. It is no wonder that many who taste and see that the Lord is good become timid and afraid when their families turn against them.

Pray for loving boldness for believers from unreached people groups. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move among family leaders to pave the way for many to come to Him.

Saini Sikhs

by GEC

Sandeep looked around the crowded café and spoke in a low voice. “Does father know you are here, Saihaj?” With furrowed eyebrows, his brother replied, “No, he is away. I had to learn why he pronounced you dead, Sandeep. Why would my older brother betray our Sikh heritage to become a Christian?” Sandeep’s smile lit up his eyes. Here was his chance. “Saihaj, you’ve seen me change. Jesus is the one who changed me. My name means light; Jesus brought light to my heart. Your name means peace. He can bring peace to your life.”
“But you have ruined our family name,” Saihaj argued. “We have been government officials since the British Raj. We own land and our oldest brother started his own business. Because of you all that is at risk. I meditate on the Formless One. I read our Scriptures. I even went to the Golden Temple.” Sandeep asked, “Did any of that bring you peace?” Saihaj looked down and nodded no.
These brothers are Saini Sikhs, a subgroup of the Rajput Sikhs. Like members of many other religions, when a Sikh comes to faith in Christ, he probably will be cut out of the family and considered dead.

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Pray that Sikhs who have accepted Christ will find godly courage to remain strong and wise in their response to their families. Pray that Saini Rajputs will find peace in Jesus. Pray for a strong movement to Christ among the Saini people.

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