Daily Topic for February 28, 2010

Proverbs 15:16
Better a little with the fear of the Lord than great wealth with turmoil.

In today’s reading, you will pray for the Runga people, who are no strangers to poverty or to turmoil. The fear of the Lord is eclipsed by the fear of other spirit beings. Let’s pray a blessing for these suffering people.

Pray that there will soon be a healthy fear of the Lord among the Runga people. Pray that they will soon experience a spiritual and physical abundance, and peace in their households.

Runga People

by JWS

The woman frantically hoes the garden while towering black thunderclouds threaten to burst. Racing against the storm, she works quickly. She hears a faint cry, “Mama, Mama!” She straightens up, irritated by the interruption: the storm will start any minute. She squints and sees her littlest boy at the edge of the field. He’s crying and screaming “Mama, mama!” With a sigh she drops her hoe and runs to him. Probably his older brothers have made him cry. “Mama, come quick! Brother cut! Blood!” He waves his arms to indicate that blood is everywhere. Should she run to check on her older son? He’s already been taught to lick dirt out of a wound and to press a bit of cloth against it until the bleeding stops. Or should she try to finish her hoeing before her husband returns from the market? He’ll be furious if he finds her work is unfinished.

Her people, the Rungas, live along the border between Chad and the Central African Republic. They farm and raise livestock. They are 80 percent Sunni Muslim, and there are no believers in Christ among them. They have no Christian resources in their own language.

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Pray that the Lord will move many people to pray for the Runga people today, and for many months to come. Pray that the Rungas’ hearts will soften and be made ready to receive the seed of the gospel

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