Daily Topic for September 12, 2011

Genesis 1:2b
…and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

This is but one of many places in the first chapter of Genesis where we can pause and be in awe of God the Father. His Spirit was with Him since the beginning! The Holy Spirit was involved in His creation, not a product of creation. As Muslims, the Rayeen people do not understand or accept the work of the Holy Spirit. The know that God is spirit, but they do not know that He can work through them today if they are willing to submit to Him through Jesus.

Pray that the Rayeen people will soon be in awe of the triune God when they hear that Jesus died on the cross for their sins and sent His Holy Spirit to live within us if we accept Him as Lord and Savior.

Rayeen People of Nepal

by NW

Without making a sound the Rayeen father walked into his home and seated himself in the corner of the room. His son and daughter quietly seated themselves next to him. His wife stood at a distance. Why was there no conversation going on in this room? This family is part of the Muslim Rayeen people group. They are comfortable with silence. Eventually the family began to converse over their evening meal; but even then, they spoke in quiet tones.

Although there are Hindu Rayeens, today we will pray for the Muslims among this group. They are a people who do not know that Jesus Christ came to give them a full and happy life. Being part of a low caste community, they have no hope of upgrading their living conditions. Although there is no Christian witness in Rayeen communities, there are materials available for communicating the gospel. The JESUS Film is now available in the Maithili language which most of them understand. The “Story of Jesus” is available in DVD, along with audio recordings of, “Words of Life and The Good News.” In 2010 the Bible Society of India published the New Testament in Maithili. What is needed now are missionaries who will live among the Rayeen people and share the gospel with them.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Thank the Lord for the materials available to the Rayeen people. Pray for God to send workers with a quiet spirit to live among them.

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