Daily Topic for June 27, 2010

John 4:27
Just then His disciples returned and were surprised to find Him talking with a woman.”

Jesus had a way of blowing His followers out of their backward way of thinking. In the minds of most Jewish men of that time, the woman at the well was not from the right ethnic group or gender. Why waste your time talking with a woman? But Jesus, the Son of God, understood that women are just as important as men. Could this be an important message that people need to internalize in today’s world?

Pray that Rawas leaders will soon follow Jesus so closely that they will realize the need to change the way women are treated.

Rawas of Sumatra

by PD

“Most of the Rawas women do not have the opportunity to receive education. They are expected to maintain the domestic duties of the home and raise children. Even the basics of reading and writing are not an option for them. However, the men and boys are given the opportunity to learn, as they are expected to be leaders and occupy the higher positions in families, the work force, community, and the mosque. That is why 70 percent of southern Sumatra’s illiterate population are women.”

Ismail, an official in the social education and equality division of a local government in southern Sumatra was talking to a group of colleagues in southern Sumatra. “I know we have seen some changes. A few Rawas men are open to allowing their women to be educated, but most of them maintain a firm control over them.”

Scattered in the small cities and towns south of the city of Jambi, the 191,000 Rawas people are productive in maintaining a self-sufficient life based on traditional and Islamic customs. Jobs for men are in agriculture, fishing and the growing rubber tree industry. Their predominant religion is Sunni Islam combined with animistic traditions.

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Pray that God will send prepared Christian men and women to live among the Rawas as witnesses of His grace and love for all people. May there be opportunities for the Rawas to learn the spiritual wisdom that Jesus spoke in regards to men, women and children.

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