Daily Topic for November 27, 2011

Psalms 19:1
The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.

I once saw a telephone book with a spectacular picture of the cosmos on the cover of it. It read, “The heavens declare the glory.” What was missing? Who gets the glory! All peoples on the face of the earth can look into the sky and see the glory of their Maker. Some, like the secularist who edited this verse, have decided to ignore that the glory belongs to the Creator. Others, perhaps representatives of unreached people groups, can look up into the sky and see that there is a Creator who alone is worthy of our worship.

Pray that the unreached peoples today will see His glory in nature all around them, and respond by giving Him praise.

Rawal People

by EJD

Hakim was yelling at the top of his lungs, vying for the attention of the sleepy tourist being rocked to sleep in the noisy tourist bus as it made its steep and serpentine ascent to a popular tourist destination. “The Rawal Lake that you are about to visit is an artificial reservoir that provides water for Rawalpindi and Islamabad,” he said. Hakim is a local who makes a living as a guide for Western tourists that visit this scenic spot.
As they neared the azure lake that mirrored the golden sun, the hitherto sleepy travelers shuffled in their seats, rubbing their eyes with the back of their hands. What met their eyes was a pitiful picture of contradictions. Against the backdrop of the beautiful lake and the glorious late afternoon sky, walked an emaciated Rawal boy with scraggly hair that fell on his forehead nearly covering his large black eyes. He walked towards the bus with the hope of selling some of the snacks that he held on a tray.
Local Rawal people like the boy and Hakim depended on tourists like these for their livelihood. Last year’s spate of violence from nature has left the Rawal people battered and bruised.

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Pray that the Lord would send healing and spiritual refreshment to the Rawal people. Pray for a powerful work of the Lord in their midst.

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