Daily Topic for January 25, 2012

Deuteronomy 29:4
[Moses said to all the Israelites,] “But to this day the Lord has not given you minds that understand, nor eyes that see, nor ears that hear!”

To understand, to see and to hear – these things are given to us. They are gifts from God. As intercessors we are completely dependent on Him to give us minds that understand, eyes that see and ears that hear. Likewise, the unreached people groups that we are praying for also must open their minds, eyes and ears so that they will understand the truth about the true and living God.

Pray for the Lord to give us minds that understand how to pray for lost nations like the Rashaidas. Pray for the Rashaidas to have ears that hear and eyes that see the glory of the Lord.

Rashaida People of Eritrea

by JR

What would it take to move a population that runs in the hundreds of thousands from one country to another? This is what many of the Rashaida people did in 1846, relocating from Saudi Arabia to what are now Eritrea and northwestern Sudan. Most Rashaidas live in isolated communities, not connected to any other people groups.
The Rashaidas are an Arab people who have their own traditional dress, culture, customs, and religion. They are the only people group in Eritrea that speaks Arabic. Most of the 61,000 Rashaidas are illiterate. The women are beautifully dressed in bright colors, veils, and embroidery. It is also common among them to wear silver bracelets and distinctive jewelry. Some of their music, very rhythmic and energetic, has been on YouTube in recent years. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhpFXxP04qE&feature=related ) They certainly enjoy their music!
Rashaida men are lucrative traders, carrying out business with Middle Eastern countries. They can find steady income by renting camels to Eritrean rebels who spent 30 years fighting Ethiopia for Eritrea’s independence. Their hospitality is widely known among those who visit their villages.
Islam has been the religion of the Rashaida people for centuries. A few Rashaida soldiers put their faith in Christ during the war with Ethiopia.

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Pray that there will be a huge impact for the gospel among Rashaida soldiers and their families. Pray that the Rashaidas will begin hungering for a righteousness that cannot be fulfilled in Islam, and that they will find it in the person of Jesus Christ.

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