Daily Topic for November 26, 2011

Psalms 49:15
But God will redeem my life from the grave; He will surely take me to Himself.

We are redeemed, forgiven, and transformed. There is so much to be thankful for! This is a great verse to use when explaining the rewards for following Christ. But isn’t our faith more than a ticket to heaven? Shouldn’t we be concerned for those who don’t know and have no way to know about Christ until someone goes to tell them? Shouldn’t we be praying fervently for them? Entire nations still wait to hear; some of them include millions of people.

Ask the Lord to strengthen us to pray for the unreached peoples this month, so that they can experience His merciful salvation.

Rangrez People

by EJD

The deep, muddy pothole sent the bus bounding, throwing its sleepy passengers from their seats. Fatima clutched her toddler closer to her as she tried to resettle in her seat. Her five-year-old tugged at her duppata. The child said, “Ma, I’m hungry.” “We should be in Shikarpur soon, and then we can get something to eat,” whispered Fatima. She looked out the window of the over crowded bus at the decimated landscape. Unprecedented monsoon rainfall had caused havoc to property and crops.
Fatima and her husband Rahim were among the humble Rangrez community that eked out a living from a small shop that sold odds and ends like soap, eggs, and vegetables. But the devastating floods didn’t spare them; their small tin shop was washed away by a torrent of raging waters. Rahim’s cousin lives in Shikarpur, the capital of Sindh Province. He offered Rahim’s family boarding for a month. Rahim reasons that he should be able to get a job at one of the cotton manufacturers near his cousin’s house.
The Rangrez community of Pakistan is largely made up of Urdu speaking migrants who moved to what is now Pakistan during the partition of India in 1947 based on the Two-Nation Theory. They were originally tailors and washer-men, but their present circumstance has paved a way for them to be small businessmen.

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Pray that the devout Sunni Muslim Rangrez community will find restoration and comfort through Christ.

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