Daily Topic for April 12, 2011

Acts 4:12
…there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.

The Jewish leaders arrested Peter and John after Peter’s sermon in front of the temple. The charges against them were that they had taught the people about Jesus’ resurrection and had healed the cripple in His Name. Peter’s defense the next day was characteristically simple, yet powerful. He testified of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, and charged the Jewish leaders with rejecting Him, God’s Messiah. In today’s world, there are thousands of Muslim people groups like the Pushtuns who reject “Christianity.” A question that many of us forget to ask is how many of them would embrace Christ if they understood His resurrection victory?

Pray that many Pushtuns, be they in France or Afghanistan, would soon hear about Jesus and put their faith in the resurrected Christ.

Pushtun People in Paris

by PD

Typical of Afghan Pushtun refugee boys, 15-year-old Ahmad has endured a life of many struggles. His family migrated from Afghanistan to Iran seeking work. When he was 13, he left the family. He wound up working long hours and suffering abuse in a sweatshop in Turkey and later at a farm in Greece. Ahmad escaped from Greece by hiding in a truck that took him to Paris where he hoped he could go to school and find work. Instead he ended up living under a bridge with little food. He was constantly hiding from the police.

France Terr d’Asile is a humanitarian group in Paris that helps migrant boys. One of their workers found Ahmad under a bridge and helped him by providing shelter, food and language classes. The group also arranged to give him a day of fun at a swimming pool park. He had never been in a pool before, and the experience was so wonderful that he said, “I think this must be what Paradise is like! I was allowed to eat all the food I wanted!”

There are an estimated 33,000 Afghan refugees in France, and most of them live in Paris. The Pushtuns are Sunni Muslims, and their strict religious teachings have made them very resistant to Christianity.

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Pray that the freedom allowed in Paris, plus some love and kindness given to them by Christ’s followers, will encourage the Pushtuns to find the person, Jesus Christ, and embrace Him rather than any religious institution. Pray that through all their struggles and hardships, they will finally know true Peace in Jesus.

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