Daily Topic for July 12, 2010

2 Kings 5:15b
“Now I know that there is no God in all the world except in Israel.”

The Pumi woman described in today’s story is in a similar position as Naaman, the Gentile military commander. Both understood that their traditional beliefs were bankrupt. The difference is that God sent Elisha the prophet to Naaman, and he then knew what many Israelites did not understand. There is only one God!

Pray for God to send his servants to the Pumi people, so they can understand the ways of the One True God.

Pumi People

by EJD

The three doleful notes from the conch shell rudely reminded Kelsang that her grandmother had indeed died. The sun was slowly disappearing behind the mountains casting long shadows on the ground. Kelsang knew that it wouldn’t be long before the shaman started the sheep guide ritual that she had heard her grandmother narrate years earlier.

The Pumi people of China, who worship their ancestors, believe that a sheep would guide the spirit of the deceased to the abode of their ancestors. Kelsang’s grandmother always believed that one day she would be led in this way to the netherworld. Kelsang was overcome by an inconsolable grief, for she doubted the veracity of these rites and rituals. She could no longer believe that a temperamental deity controlled her destiny and that at the close of her life she would be led to the afterlife by a sheep. Her initial apprehension of incurring the wrath of the spirits made way for an honest yearning for the truth; for she no longer wanted to be a helpless victim of fears and fallacies.

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Pray that the Pumi people will begin to see that Christ Jesus is the Way to life everlasting and eternal joy. Pray also that God would prepare the hearts and minds of Chinese believers that they might be a witness unto these people; for one visitor declared, the Pumi people are indeed “a people ripe unto harvest.”

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