Daily Topic for March 06, 2012

John 1:4
In him was life, and that life was the light of men.

The two great themes of life and light can be found throughout John’s gospel. In this opening chapter he reminds us of God’s first order of business when he created the world. He illuminated the darkness and exposed the disorder and chaos the world was in. Then he began to bring forth order and life. In a similar way, wherever Jesus is introduced, his life becomes a light that guides all peoples out of darkness. His light exposes the spiritual bankruptcy of false religion and the futility of human effort to achieve God’s righteousness. When measured against the standard of Jesus’ life, we all fall short, and we should be glad to know it! For then we come to understand why we need a Savior.

Pray that every Muslim people group in Eastern Europe might soon experience the transforming power of Christ’s life and light.

Pomak People

by EJD

Looking at the lengthening shadows outside the window as her wrinkled hands deftly worked the fabric that she was weaving, the toothless old Pomak woman called to her daughter-in-law.
“You had better heat the bread, the men will be home soon.”
The younger woman hurried upstairs carrying a pail of milk from the stable downstairs. As the she was lighting the stove to heat the bread, her son walked in. Still weaving, the older woman asked her grandson in her native tongue, “What did you learn in school, today?”
Shrugging his shoulder like most dissatisfied teenagers, the youth replied nonchalantly in Turkish, “What we usually learn.” “Is it too much to ask you to speak in Pomak, your own language?” asked the disgruntled old woman who still hadn’t come to terms with all that the assimilation into Turkish culture entailed.
Pomaks are predominantly Muslim. They were forced at various times in history to assimilate into various traditions and cultures. They were Islamized then Christianized and Islamized again with countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey claiming that the Pomaks are part of their respective nationalities and heritage.

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Pray that the Pomaks find their identity and sense of belonging in Christ Jesus. Pray that God would provide missionaries who work among the Pomaks with special wisdom and strength to bring the gospel to a people so torn apart by darkness.

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