Daily Topic for May 05, 2010

Hebrews 4:13
Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.

The above verse leads into today’s prayer reading. Yesterday we read about how essential the Word of God is to all of us. Today, we read about our accountability before a holy God. People who take advantage of those who can’t defend themselves, like the Patamonas, are asking for God’s wrath. Nothing is hidden from Him. Everything is laid bare before His eyes. What will happen to the people who oppress defenseless tribes in the Amazon River Basin?

Pray for a healthy fear of God and active repentance on the part of those who exploit the tribes of South America.

Patamona People of Brazil and Guyana

by EJD

The shaft of light from the cracks in the window heralded a new dawn. Sleep that had fleetingly numbed Kaie’s anxiety gave way to a deluge of despair as the Patamona woman lumbered to her kitchen.
She thought, “How am I going to feed my children?” Her son was very frail, and not a week went by without his sister announcing that Puyallup had fainted in school. Kaie wondered how much longer her son would be able to attend school.
As Kaie lit the stove her mind wandered to that day not long ago when her neighbor, Donito, announced that the powerful rice growers were at it again. “Where is Jose? Is he at work? Is he part of the group constructing our houses?” asked Donito with foreboding urgency.
Kaie answered, “Yes, why do you ask?”
“Our men at the construction site were attacked,” said Donito, and that was all Kaie heard before she passed out. Kaie’s husband had survived, but had sustained such serious injuries that recovery was only a distant possibility. Kaie was forced to eke out a living while tending to her husband. Sitting by her stove she hopes for better days in spite of the despair that now consumes her.

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Pray for the Patamona people who live in Guyana and Brazil. Pray that they would be allowed to live on their land peacefully and free of oppression and violence. Pray also that they would cast all their burdens and concerns onto Jesus even when confounded by conflicting belief systems.

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