Daily Topic for January 02, 2008

Prov. 18:15
"The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge; and the ears of the wise seek it out."

“Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is already made up!” We chuckle at such reasoning, but the attitude it reflects should cause us to pause and consider our own attitude toward learning new things. Many of us have already been able to achieve our goals or purposes in life. Are we prepared to allow the Lord to jar our comfortable lives with the news of thousands of groups of people who have no church? Are we willing to take the time to study about them, to learn all we can so we can pray and give and send, and to even go directly to one such group with the good news of new life in Jesus Christ?

Father, open our minds and our ears to learn about those who are isolated from the good news. Use this little booklet to stimulate us to action.

Pari People of Sudan

(Continued from yesterday)

In 1840, now 27 years of age, David Livingstone sailed for Africa to serve under the London Missionary Society. He was dismayed by the number of missionaries concentrated around the Cape, where he had been sent. Like Hudson Taylor later, he believed that missionaries should plant churches, train leaders, and then move on to new, unreached groups as soon as possible.

Livingstone identified with the Africans, living as they did and learning an African language. After two years he was eager to go into the interior as had his hero, Robert Moffat. He visited the Moffats. There he met Moffat’s daughter, Mary, whom he married in 1845.

Livingstone loved to explore. He often went on excursions into unexplored regions of interior Africa, but his primary motive always was to bring Christ to new areas.

Unwilling to be separated from his family, he took them with him on his early journeys, in spite of mosquitoes, fever, and lack of potable water. After the Livingstones lost a child to an epidemic raging at the time of her birth, Livingstone reluctantly decided to send them back to England.

With recruits from his favorite African tribe, the Makololos, he crossed the continent of Africa, exploring and preaching. His first-hand accounts of the barbarity of the slave trade stirred the conscience of the people back home and eventually helped bring about its demise.-AL(Continued tomorrow)

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Pray that efforts by today’s missionaries will be used by God to end slavery and oppression in Sudan.

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