Daily Topic for December 09, 2010

Proverbs 13:17, LB
An unreliable messenger can cause a lot of trouble. Reliable communication permits progress.

A little more than 600 years after the Resurrection, a “messenger” rampaged throughout the Middle East and North Africa to conquer in the name of the “One True God.” Today, close to a billion follow the teachings of Mohammed and his book, the Qur’an. Though some would say that the Qur’an allows for Christ to be savior, few Muslims would dare to put their trust in Him.

Pray that Palestinian Muslims will hear of the true prophet, Lord and savior from those who follow Christ.

Palestinians In Egypt

by PE

It looked like a sea of many-colored dots; a surging, roaring mass of humanity that day in January of 2008 when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians breached the border into Egypt. For a few days Egypt allowed free passage of Palestinians back and forth between Gaza and Egypt. Many people sought medical treatment, goods to purchase and take home, visits with relatives. Unexpectedly the gates were closed and thousands of Palestinians were trapped away from their homes and families in Gaza, caught in a country that did not want them. Many Palestinian Arabs in Egypt are living far below the poverty level since many are there illegally. Many are dispersed so there are estimated to be about 70,000 Palestinians in Egypt today.

Some Palestinians are working to smuggle arms through tunnels to attack the Israelis. Others are mothers, children and innocent men. They have heard an “unreliable messenger” from their birth. But all they can act upon is what they’ve been taught.

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Pray that while they are in Egypt they may hear radio broadcasts and see television programs that will bring them the “reliable communication” of the true gospel of Christ. Pray that Palestinians in Egypt will open their hearts to the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that they will do it quickly before the Gates of Heaven are unexpectedly closed.

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