Daily Topic for June 23, 2010

Ephesians 1:3
Praise be to… God, who has blessed us… with every spiritual blessing.

How grateful we are for the blessings the apostle details in this passage! Have we ever considered why God has blessed us? He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing we need in this life and in the life to come. But the unreached nations like the Ogan peoples either do not know this or they don’t believe it.

Pray that the Ogan peoples will soon understand that they can appeal to Christ for every spiritual and physical blessing they need.

Ogan Peoples

by KC

Here is an easy long division problem. There are 400 Ogan believers out of a population of 300,000. Even if you are doing this long division problem in your head, you will know that about one in 1,000 Ogan people identify themselves as Christians.

They are probably more orthodox in their Islamic beliefs than most other Muslim groups in southern Sumatra. The Ogan peoples tend to scorn animistic practices. Officially they are Sunni Muslims, but the more emotional Sufi mystics have affected their spiritual beliefs for the past 200 years.

The Ogans are actually a people group cluster. Their language has at least four different dialects, though they can all understand one another. Almost all of them speak the national language as well.

The Ogan peoples share a complicated family situation where children can become part of either the husband or the wife’s family line depending on whether or not his family paid a bride price. If his family didn’t pay the bride-price, the children’s lineage will be traced through the wife’s family line.

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Pray for entire Ogan households and clans to embrace the Savior. Pray that the few Ogan believers will be salt and light among their Muslim neighbors and family members. Pray that many of the Ogan people will open their hearts to the King of Kings.

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