Daily Topic for May 22, 2010

John 1:16
From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another.

It would be hard for struggling peoples like the Ofeyas to believe that blessings come from a loving, caring God who controls the Universe. They are nearly extinct as a people because of outsiders! Does God permit such things to happen? Is God really in control? Is Satan causing their demise?

Pray that as the peoples of the Amazon River Basin face the grim realities of today’s world, they will not put the blame on the One who wants to bless them.

Ofeya People

by JWS

It’s a sad story. The Ofeya Indians have been relocated, expelled, resettled, transferred, and forced to move six times within 10 years. Once numbering in the thousands, fewer than 60 survive today. They’ve fought for years to regain their tribal lands, only to be met with compromise, delay and legal maneuvering. Once able to support themselves by fishing, hunting and food gathering, today they hold menial jobs on coffee plantations, cattle ranches and in small factories and businesses owned by wealthy, non-indigenous people.

They now live in an area where alcohol is readily available, further draining their meager incomes. Once a month a doctor and a dentist come to their settlement. Their life expectancy is just 37.7 years. Children die from curable and preventable illnesses, due to inadequate medical care. A non-indigenous teacher conducts school for 15 students at different grade levels, using standardized Brazilian textbooks printed in Portuguese. Only a handful of older Ofeya Indians can still speak their native language. “You see the world by the words you have,” said one woman. Their world, their culture and their language are rapidly becoming extinct.

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Pray that their native language would remain alive. Pray for Christian linguists to reach the Ofeya Indians with the message of God’s love, and the news of a secure, unchanging, heavenly home for them. Pray that these people will find their niche in the new, radically different world they are forced to live in.

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