Daily Topic for July 18, 2011

Hebrews 1:2
...He has spoken to us by His Son, Whom He appointed heir of all things, and through Whom He made the universe.

This great statement affirms that Jesus Christ shapes the boundaries of human history. He is the beginning, the Creator of all things, the Maker of everything that exists. And He is the end, the focal point to which all history is moving. Since Christ is the beginning and end of human history, what a tragedy that peoples like the Northern Mashan Miao settle for appeasing a mountain demon! Christ is in control.

Pray that the nations will soon know that He is the beginning and the end, and no other should ever take His place.

Northern Mashan Miao (ma-shahn-meow)

by PE

Vishor roused and stretched his four-year-old frame as the rooster outside his window crowed noisily. His mother reached to pat his back comfortingly. “Shhh! Go back to sleep for a little while. The rooster is just summoning the sun.” “Tell me about Mr. Sun,” he slurred while rolling over. “In the past there were six suns, but they were so strong that the earth dried up. The people decided to shoot down the suns, but as hard as they tried, they could not do it. Instead they shot at the reflection of the suns in the lake. They hit all but one. The sun became so frightened that it would not come out, and the earth became dark. Then one morning, a rooster crowed and the sun was convinced to come out. That is why the rooster crows each morning before sunrise.” Vishor was again sound asleep.

The language of Vishor and his mother is complex with 13 different tones. Their people, the Northern Mashan Miao, live in very exclusive communities situated in remote mountaintops with harsh climates. They are held hostage to a belief in a mountain demon to whom they make continual sacrifices in order to summon what they believe are protective dragons. These are 50,000 hopeless souls, doomed to a Godless eternity unless someone goes to tell them of the Savior who died for them and came to redeem them from all their fears and transgressions.


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Pray for God to call workers to these precious souls.

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