Daily Topic for November 21, 2010

Psalm 23:1
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.

Nomadic pastoralists for centuries, the Luris of Iran are themselves sheep without a shepherd. Between the restrictions imposed by the Iranian government and their mobility, it is difficult for the Luri people to hear of His gentle guidance.

Pray that His ways, which are much higher than man’s ways, will soon be known by the Luri people.

Northern Luri People in Iran

by JR

A good percentage of Iran’s Luri people make their living by caring for sheep and goats. They have a great passion for the land, for their animals, and for their animals’ well being. They make annual treks across the mountains of Iran, seeking verdant pastureland for their livestock. These journeys take them up the Zagros Mountains in the summer and down to the valleys during the winter. Today there are about four million Luris living in these mountains.

The first mention of the Luris was in the 10th century. History shows that their nomadism was originally a defense mechanism in order to avoid contact with outside powers and their invasions. In order to preserve themselves and their lifestyle, the Luris found it necessary to keep moving.

Around this same time, the Luri people became devout Muslims. Ninety percent of the Luris are Shi’ite Muslims with the rest being Sunnis. Few if any follow the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

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Pray that the Lord will cause a new hunger for spiritual truth among the Luris. Pray that the shortcomings of Islam will become obvious to them, and that a large number of Luris will embrace the Lord. Pray that soon they will have access to gospel recordings and radio broadcasts that will point them to the Good Shepherd.

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