Daily Topic for June 06, 2011

Ephesians 5:15-18
Be very careful, then, how you live… making the most of every opportunity… understand what the Lord’s will is… be filled with the Spirit.

Those who go to peoples without Christ must always be very careful how they live. They must live moral lives that will draw others to our Lord. The Northern Khmer people are Buddhists, and their religion teaches them some good moral principles. The good morals of Buddhism might help them maintain social control, but they do not transform the human heart.

Pray that God will transform Northern Khmer communities through those who go to them with the knowledge of God’s will.

Northern Khmer People

by PD

“Northern Khmer’s aren’t real Isans, nor are they like us Lao. They are black-hearted.” This description by a Lao taxi driver is a stereotype given to the estimated 1,250,000 Northern Khmers. Though some live in Cambodia, they primarily live in Thailand’s northeastern Isan region, bordering Laos.

In many ways the Northern Khmers are similar to their neighbors. They practice Theravada Buddhism, and their primary source of income is from wet rice agriculture. Their society, music, dress, food, history, and physical characteristics are somewhat different, but what makes them most identifiable is their language. Determined to provide education for their children, most Northern Khmers in Thailand are now bilingual, speaking the Thai language, which is used in all Thai schools. Some educated Northern Khmers have become successful teachers and government officials in Thailand. Gradually more of their young people are moving to the cities for work, leaving fewer rural villages.

Northern Khmer Buddhist monks try to maintain social control over the population. They have rules which include the forbidding of lying, stealing, drinking alcohol, adultery, and murder; but alcoholism is still a problem in their communities. There are only a few followers of Christ among the Northern Khmer.

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Pray for God to send out strong, dedicated believers who can reach these people with God’s Word. Pray especially for His Word to penetrate the hearts of Northern Khmer monks so they can lead their people to salvation in Christ.

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