Daily Topic for July 20, 2011

James 4:1
What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?

Though James was addressing members of the church, this verse applies to people in general. Disputes arise from self-oriented desires. James goes on to say that people will “kill and covet” because they do not ask God. In verse seven, he gives the answer—submit to God. At times it can be difficult for believers to walk according to God’s will. However, it is impossible for those who have never heard of the true and living God to follow Him.

Pray that people will note a strong decrease in selfish conflicts among the Miao peoples as more of them learn about Him and begin to submit to Him. Pray that in this way God will be glorified.

Northern Guiyang Miao (gway-yung-meow)

As long as humans have lived on earth, there have been conflicts among them. China’s Boxer Rebellion in 1900 was yet another period of conflict that, among other things, forced missionaries out of the country just as their work among the Northern Guiyang Miao was starting to show some fruit. After they left, an important military leader and a village headman went through the entire region and threatened everyone with death if they chose to follow the “foreign religion.” Today, there is one lone church among the population. One historian has noted that, “the various subgroups of Miao have no love for each other, and the Chinese in the past have been able to get some Miao groups to serve as mercenaries against other Miao groups.”
The Northern Guiyang Miao have many animistic and polytheistic beliefs that rule their daily lives. One belief states that if a girl’s mother in law or her own mother enters the room as she is giving birth, she will have no milk for the newborn. Often, as visitors come to see a baby, they will comment on how dirty or ugly the baby is so that demons will not be attracted to it and will leave it alone.
Pray for a renewed effort on the part of believers to befriend and evangelize the Northern Guiyang Miao people.



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Pray that the work that was begun prior to 1900 will resume. Pray that the church will grow significantly.

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