Daily Topic for September 23, 2011

John 6:35
Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never go thirsty.”

Throughout South Asia, naan and other forms of bread are staple foods. Everyone knows that they need food, and people like the Nanbais provide it. But one thing the Nanbais don’t understand, be they Muslim or Hindu, Indian or Nepali, is that they need the Bread of Life. When Christ said this, He was indicating how essential He is to our spiritual life. Do we understand this well enough to pray fervently for them to meet their needed Savior?

Pray that you will intercede for peoples like the Nanbais as desperately as you would if they lacked physical rather than spiritual food.

Nanbai People of Nepal

by GEC

Saleem slaps dough between his palms. Quickly the ball flattens and grows longer. Automatically he slaps the thin naan (bread) to the side wall inside his tandoor oven.
Saleem works on the street in Nepal. He uses his bare hands to knead the dough, slap it into shape, and attach it in the oven. Soon he removes the steaming bread and serves me. His last name, Nanbai, tells me he comes from a community where fathers teach their young sons how to make naan. Likely, he will spend his life making naan, for he is a master at his craft. And Nepal, like all countries in the sub-continent, thrives on naan.

I comment, “Saleem, you are Muslim. Yet the Hindus accept you.” He replies, “Sir, yes. I am Muslim. But my bread does not know the difference between Muslim and Hindu. We practice our faith in this Hindu country of Nepal. As long as we do not cause problems for the Hindus, they allow us our religion.”

The Nanbai form a tiny community in Nepal. Most of their people group lives in Pakistan or India. Muslim Nanbais are even rarer, for their people are mostly Hindu.

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Pray that Bibles, Christian literature, and gospel recordings will find their way to Saleem and his fellow Nanbai bread makers. Pray that the Bread of Life, Jesus, will reveal himself to this isolated group.

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