Daily Topic for May 15, 2010

Romans 10:15
How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!

In Middle Eastern cultures, then and now, the feet are considered to be the most ugly and disgusting part of the body. Even today, people insult one another by showing the bottom of their feet. But in this statement, Paul describes the feet of missionaries as “beautiful.” These feet are beautiful, whether they take the good news to a large people group, or to a small one like the Nahukwas.

Pray that God will encourage and empower missionaries to go to small tribes.

Nahukwa People of Brazil

by MB

How many people must a group have in order to justify missionary effort? Agencies have wrestled with this question for years, and usually place a priority on the larger groups of people in need of evangelization or Bible translation. Perhaps a better question to ask is, how few people must a group have in order for God to commission His people to go to them? The Nahukwa Indians are an isolated Brazilian tribe that live in the Xingu National Park. There are 92 precious people who have not yet heard the saving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mission agencies rightly need to give high priority to larger people groups as they make value judgments on which languages have a more immediate need for Bible translation and missionaries. However, if Jesus said that a man with 100 sheep would leave his flock of 99 to go after one lost sheep, should we not be equally as concerned for the 92 Nahukwa people who have yet to hear the gospel? Truly it is the will of God that none of these people perish (Matt.18:12-14). 

Several years ago it was reported that Nahukwa leaders would welcome Native American nurses and school teachers. A neighboring tribe of Christian Indians responded to that need. 

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Pray that God will anoint the effort of believing Native Americans to take His truth to the Nahukwa people. Pray for open hearts among the Nahukwa people.

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