Daily Topic for September 04, 2011

Genesis 2:15
The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.

From the very beginning, God elevated work to the highest level and sanctified it through his own work in Creation. Unfortunately, today most people don’t view work with much enthusiasm, and Genesis tells us why. Through their own folly Adam and Eve traded the wonderful life they enjoyed in the Garden of Eden for our mindless toil. However, the good news is that in Christ, the value of work can be redeemed. Even in the cruel Roman Empire, Christian slaves were urged to do their work as unto the Lord, and as a result, incredible social transformation followed, and God was glorified.

Pray for God’s children to work in such a way that their communities will be blessed, and God will be praised among the nations.

Muslims from Bangladesh in Nepal

by WK

“You promised me a job in Saudi Arabia!” complained the Bangladeshi man to his contact. “I paid you a lot of money to get me a job in that country.” They were in a rundown hotel in Katmandu, the capitol of Nepal, a place that the smuggler used as a safe house for his human cargo. “Be patient,” said the smuggler. “These things take time.” As the man from Bangladesh walked away, he feared he might not see the contact again. The last group of Bangladeshis that this contact had smuggled into Nepal had been kicked out of the hotel after the man stopped paying their rent. Today illegal immigration is a problem in Nepal. Smugglers in Nepal lure many to come to their country who are hoping to ultimately get a job in the Middle East. Many Middle Eastern countries have quotas on the number of Bangladeshi immigrants they will accept, but they do not have such quotas on citizens of Nepal. For this reason, citizens of Bangladesh go to Nepal to get false passports. Smugglers still run into problems at times. Immigration officials sometimes get wise to what is going on and demand a bribe that’s larger than what the smuggler can afford.

Sadly, Bangladeshi immigrants in Nepal often get abandoned. Some get jobs in Nepal, but many more end up on the street.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for an end to human smuggling in Nepal. Ask God to raise up faithful people to rescue Bangladeshi immigrants stranded in Nepal.

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