Daily Topic for October 04, 2011

Deuteronomy 12:8
You are not to do as we do here today, everyone as he sees fit…

One of the key blessings that the Lord gave His children was rule of law. Without it, nations degenerate into rule by the decree of a dictator, and dictators have a very poor track record of shepherding the people they rule. Instead, God offered clear laws that would apply no matter what. In fact, Israel’s early history did not include a king. This situation was unheard of in that time period. Had they obeyed God rather than doing as they saw fit, their civilization would have flourished into something which the surrounding nations would have wanted to emulate.

Pray that our nations will be run by rule of law in such a way that they will draw others to the One who created rule of law.

Muslim and Sikh Arain People

by EJD

Sitting in a corner bench in the Lahore High Court, Wassim, a young Arain man, feverishly took notes on his laptop. Drops of perspiration were falling on the computer screen. The relentless Lahore summer heat and humidity didn’t spare even those within this Mughal-Gothic style building. Wassim’s father wished that his son would become as good a lawyer as he is. Wassim was eager not only to be a good lawyer, but also to reform Pakistan’s legal system.
The Arains are an agricultural caste that over the years has reached the echelons of lawmakers and politicians. Fabled to have come along with Muhammad bin Qasim, a Syrian Umayyad General, the Arains claim to have come from Areeha (Jericho, Syria). Claiming also to be of Arab descent, they pride themselves of “unbroken practice of Islam.” However, there are 19,000 Sikhs among them.
Today they primarily live in the Punjab, a region straddling the border between India and Pakistan. During the time of the British Raj or rule, the Arains were chiefly employed to cultivate the land around the cities. They were favored over the other tribes because they were diligent in their work. They used their newfound wealth to further education, which has left them with a legacy of extensive contributions in the field of politics and the practice of the law.

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Pray that the Arain Muslims and Sikhs find Christ.

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