Daily Topic for January 16, 2007

Jer. 45:4, 5
"...'I will overthrow what I have built and uproot what I have planted... Should you then seek great things for yourself? Seek them not.'"

God’s Word, when delegated to His people, powerfully influences the rise and fall of nations and kingdoms of the earth. God intends to “overthrow” and “uproot” as well as to “build” and “plant.” Therefore, He admonishes us, as He did Jeremiah’s scribe Baruch, to abandon a selfish ambition which is not only futile but is also irrelevant. It is nothing less than tragic when we chase personal aspirations to the ignorance or neglect of the clearly-revealed purposes of God. In light of what God is doing and wants to do among the nations, can we possibly justify seeking great things for ourselves? “Seek them not.”

Father, we yield to You our aspirations, our ambitions, and our dreams. Do with them as You will.

Muslim Wolof People of Senegal

Suspicious of the West, proud of their heritage, and closed to the gospel! 3,700,000 Wolof people live in Senegal in Africa’s far western edge. Their land is flat and dusty during the dry season, and food is scarce between planting and harvesting time. So, it is common for a family to eat only one meal per day.

The Wolof household is a crowded place. Typically, a man lives with his extended family, including his wives, children, nephews, nieces, brothers, unmarried sisters, and elderly relatives. Their social structure is very complex.

The French slowly conquered them in the 1850s. Very charismatic Muslim leaders led revolts against the French and these leaders were elevated to national folk hero status. The Islamic sects they founded are followed without question among many of today’s Wolof people.

They do have a New Testament in their own language, and the entire Bible is available in Arabic and French for the few who can read. They are being reached by Christian radio, and through the JESUS Film. However, the number of Wolof believers are very few.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that more workers will stay long enough to learn the complex Wolof social structure and language, so that the gospel can flourish within their culture.-CH

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