Daily Topic for December 19, 2011

Matthew 4:17
From that time on Jesus began to preach. “Repent, for the kingdom of God is near.”

This Christmas season we need to begin by remembering the purpose and the message of the One who was born in Bethlehem. This is the headline, so to speak, of Jesus’ message to the world. When we repent, we turn from our old ways and can receive the God who loves us. Could you imagine what the world would be like if all of the people repented of their sins and turned to Christ? Could you imagine a world without violence and selfishness?

Pray that the peoples of Bahrain will find it in their hearts to seek the One who was born in Bethlehem and lived to give us the holy message of repentance.

Muslim Pakistanis in Bahrain

by EJD

Leaning against the wall, Kasim stared across the room to the floor mats on which other men slept. For the past five months this community center has been their shelter from the violence on the streets. They find themselves in an impossible situation. They are unable to return home to Pakistan because their employers confiscated their passports when they first came to Bahrain. They also can’t go back to work at the construction site for fear that they might be beaten by protesters. Just the previous day they were told the horrific account of a fellow Pakistani beaten by protestors who view the Pakistanis with utter contempt and distrust. Even though they are poor and ordinary Pakistanis, they are associated with their more affluent fellow countrymen who were brought in to augment the Bahraini security forces. Since the crackdown on protestors by these security forces, dozens have been left killed or injured. The angst of the protesting Shi’ite majority has turned against the entire Pakistani community that is mostly comprised of day laborers..

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Pray that the Pakistani expatriates in Bahrain will find relief from the violence that plagues them. Pray that they will find healing and restoration through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

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