Daily Topic for September 16, 2010

Exodus 33:13
"If I have found favor in your eyes, teach me your ways so I may know You and continue to find favor with You.”

Moses, the one speaking in this verse, is a highly respected prophet in Islam. In this scripture he longed to know God so he could please Him. He desired to commune with and worship God. Such sentiments are highly valued among Malay Muslims. Could the words of Moses lead them to read God’s Word?

Pray that Malay Muslims in Sri Lanka will read the Bible so they will have a deeper understanding of the God they desire to please and worship. Pray that in doing this they will find joy in knowing Him.

Muslim Malays in Sri Lanka

by PD

The history of the 50,000 Muslim “Malays” in Sri Lanka is fascinating! They are mostly descendants of Javanese political exiles and soldiers who came to Sri Lanka (then called Ceylon) from 1658-1796 during the Dutch rule over Java. When the British conquered Sri Lanka, they were highly impressed with the bravery and discipline of the Malay troops. The British organized a Malay Regiment in Sri Lanka.

The Malay language is still spoken in Malay homes, though Sinhalese, one of the main languages of Sri Lanka, is rapidly replacing it. Malays hold government positions ranging from high offices in Sri Lanka’s legislative council to membership in the national parliament, which includes cabinet positions in the current government. Several Malay families have joined Sri Lanka’s elite by gaining wealth through successful businesses. A number of Malay young people have achieved a higher education and work in the areas of education, medicine, engineering, and the armed forces on the island.
Malays are strong adherents to Islam, and most marriages are within their own ethnic group. Friendly and open to hospitality, Malays welcome visitors, but they are closed to any pressure from believers regarding Islam. However, many have a natural intellectual curiosity and often are open to discussions regarding the Bible. They will participate in dialogue with Christ followers who show sincere friendship.

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Pray that Sri Lankan Malays will have the opportunity to discuss the abundant evidence of the biblical God as their Creator and His saving grace given through Jesus.

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