Daily Topic for June 19, 2010

Psalm 23:4
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me….

Every day, the Muko-Muko people walk through the valley of death, face evil, and they are rightfully afraid. Without the Lord as their vanguard and rear guard, they have no protection from destructive spirits. This is one more reason why we pray for such peoples. They need the Lord!

Pray that the Muko-Muko and other folk Islamic peoples in Sumatra will surrender to the One who can guide and protect them.

Muko-Muko People

by P.E.

“Suku! Run! Tell the family leader that Kalia has died in childbirth.” Suku jumped from his mat and fled. He certainly didn’t want to be close to the house; he was afraid that Kalia’s spirit might get him. Suku ran to the village chief first. When Suku told him what happened, the chief yelled, “Leave at once! Kalia’s spirit might have followed you!” It is his responsibility to keep harmony and safety in the village, and now this family has brought danger. Although most Muko-Muko, or as they are sometimes called, “Muke-Muke” are Islamic, animism remain a big part of their belief system.

Suku spent the rest of the day praying to and venerating the large trees and special stones in his area, hoping that their favor would protect his people from the terror of the spirit of the woman who died in childbirth. By the end of the day he was exhausted from his efforts to dispel the terror.


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Pray that the hearts of the Muko-Muko would be softened to the gospel. Pray that as they hear of the kindness of our Lord, they might be delivered from fear and realize the abundant life Jesus died to give to them. Pray for God’s workers in this part of His vineyard to be filled with the fruit of the Holy Spirit as they deliver the good news. Pray that villages chiefs might be saved so that they can lead their people to the ultimate eternal safety found only in Jesus Christ.

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