Daily Topic for April 04, 2011

Psalms 14:3
All have turned aside, they have together become corrupt; there is no one who does good, not even one.

What a reminder of the true nature of man! We are all sinners, and we all need a savior, no matter what culture we come from. God has provided one way out of this helpless dilemma. The only Savior, Jesus Christ, paid for every sin. How all the nations need to hear of His salvation!

Pray that believers will use this Easter season to tell the nations of the savior born to take away the sins of the world. Pray that the unreached peoples will accept that they have sinned, and that only Jesus can reconcile them to the Father.

Moroccan Arabs in Paris

by JR

Homosexuality, veils, the Qur’an, French law. In recent years all of these cultural elements ranging from liberal French mores to conservative Muslim traditions have begun to clash in the lives of Moroccans living in France. Moroccan Arabs are Muslim by tradition. But many have worked in France for years and their life styles and belief systems are changing. It is definitely a different environment in Paris than in the cities and towns of Morocco. And the average Moroccan in France is certainly not your traditional, stereotypical Muslim.

For example, one significant and traditional occupation of many Moroccans in France is professional matchmaking. There is a couples’ website that is dedicated to Moroccans in Paris. On the other hand, the liberal political and cultural environment of Paris is significantly more friendly to Moroccan homosexuals than the conservative ways in North Africa where they would never be allowed to live openly.

For the church, all of these things add up to a call for us to pray for the Arab Moroccans living in Paris and throughout France. Perhaps as they are influenced by the liberal French culture around them, they will become more open and tolerant towards the claims of Jesus Christ. Pray that they will begin searching for spiritual truth where they have never looked before: in the Bible and among God’s redeemed people.

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Pray that the Church in Paris will connect with Moroccan Arabs.

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