Daily Topic for August 02, 2010

Hebrews 13:15
Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that confess His Name.

This is the reason why we have missionaries like Stephanie Vernon. As noted writer and pastor John Piper puts it, “Mission happens because worship does not.” The people groups you will pray for this month are those that worship gods that are not gods. They have little chance to hear of Christ.

Pray that soon the ethnic groups of South Asia will offer a sacrifice of praise to the King of Kings.

Missionary Biography, continued

by Global Recordings Network

One day Stephanie Vernon went to a little schoolhouse in a Tibetan village that had about 50 children. She spent the whole afternoon playing gospel recordings. Ragged children listened to God’s Word with big shining eyes. She also played the recordings for the adults in the two Tibetan camps and gave literature to some who could read.

In another large Tibetan camp of 1300 people the principal of the Tibetan school set two chairs outside the door, one for her and one for her GR player. As soon as she began to play the recordings a crowd of school children and older folk came to listen. The principal made the people sit on the ground while he stood and held the flashlight on the recordings for two hours. The people sat spell-bound. Occasionally a child would laugh. The principal said, “They laugh because what they are hearing is so wonderful.” These dear people had never heard the gospel story before. They were sorry when the recordings were finished. We will probably see some of these Tibetan people in heaven.

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Pray that God’s Word will be remembered and obeyed by the people who heard it years ago. Pray that these efforts will have a lasting impact in this Tibetan region.

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