Daily Topic for December 01, 2010

Matthew 19:29
And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.

Like all of us, Temple Gairdner had some prioritizing to do in his life. Was he going to enjoy the good life offered by being part of the United Kingdom’s elite, or was he going to take Christ at His word and put His Kingdom first? That would mean leaving family and friends. But it would also mean gaining brothers and sisters in Christ.

Pray that thousands of new workers will take Jesus at His word just as Temple Gairdner did and leave whatever needs to be left in order to extend His Kingdom.

Missionary Biography - Temple Gairdner

by AL

Temple Gairdner was born to a wealthy family in Scotland in 1873. In 1882, at age nine, he was sent away from home to attend a private school in preparation for later studies at Oxford University. When his younger brother suddenly died during Temple’s second year at Oxford, he began thinking about the unimportance of a successful life, of popularity and the many things he had previously prized. From then on he was determined to follow where God would call him.

At the end of the 1893 school year, Temple attended a student congress and heard testimonies of what others were doing for Christ. In his heart the question came to him, What have you done? What will you do? The next day he joined the Student Volunteer Missionary Union, declaring his readiness to serve as a missionary.

Gairdner worked hard to prepare for his life’s work. He studied Arabic and mastered it so well in six months that he could read and teach in the language. His Arabic teacher proudly commented, “He became more Egyptian than the Egyptians.”

In 1897, when he was 24, Gairdner’s application as a missionary candidate was presented to the Church Missionary Society. He was assigned to Cairo, and because of his education and social standing, his instructions read, “You are appointed to join Mr. Douglas Thornton in Cairo with a special work… among students and others of the educated classes of Muslims.”

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Pray for God to give humility to His children who can do all things through Christ who strengthens them.

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