Daily Topic for September 01, 2010

Isaiah 6:8b
And I said, “Here I am. Send me!”

In a way, Evie had the same heart as Isaiah, the prophet who first said this. When the Lord called, both Isaiah and Evie responded with an enthusiastic, “Send me!” This is the kind of heart that God wants His children to have. Do you have a heart like that?

Pray that each of us will respond with obedience when the Lord calls us.

Missionary Biography, Jesse Brand and Evelyn Harris

by AL

“We believe your Yesu to be the only true swami…. If you will stay with us and teach us, or if you will send others to do so, we will all become Christians.” Evelyn Harris was deeply moved as she read the little booklet about the eager reception of the gospel among the people of the “Mountains of Death” in Tamil Nadu, South India. If only she could go! But in 1909, Evie was already 30 years old and she knew her doting father would never give his consent.

Then one day Jesse Brand, a missionary from India, came to speak at the Baptist church, and Evie went to hear him. After he began to speak, she realized that it was he who had written the thrilling pamphlet about the Mountains of Death. In response to his appeal she answered silently, “Here am I. Send me!” From that day on her heart was set on India.

Evie had no idea how hard it would be to leave home, family and friends. Her mother was not well, and though Evie did not know it at the time, she would never see her father again. At a farewell party, Evie spoke of the bright sunrise she had seen that morning and said, “For me this is an even brighter sunrise, the beginning of a new day of service for my Master.”

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Pray that today’s missionaries will be joyous in knowing that they are serving the Ultimate Master.

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