Daily Topic for December 01, 2011

Psalms 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

This is one of the Bible’s most quoted verses, yet one of the hardest ones to live up to. We delight ourselves in the Lord. We want Him to give us the desires of our hearts. But we often forget that unless we delight ourselves in Him enough to want what He wants, we will settle for the self-centered desires of our hearts. One of the desires of His heart is to see the nations streaming to His kingdom. Is that the desire of your heart?

Pray that the Holy Spirit will prompt us to desire what He wants for the nations.

Missionary Biography, Douglas Thornton

by AL

When Douglas Thornton was 13 years old, his older brother became very ill, and through this illness became a devout follower of Christ. He wrote Douglas, urging him to also give his life to Christ, saying he would never regret it. Though touched by his brother’s letter, it was not until some weeks later when he was rejoicing over his brother’s recovery that Douglas realized he had never thanked God for sending Jesus to die for him. This time he sincerely turned his life over to the Lord, and from then on, Douglas felt assured of his own salvation.
In 1892 at the age of 17, Douglas went to the University of Cambridge. There he became active in the Student Christian Movement (SCM), known in America as the Student Volunteer Movement. Often the students testified in public. Douglas didn’t hesitate to kneel in the middle of a road to pray with a man for his salvation. “We must get at them even if they won’t come to us,” he often said.
During his third year at Cambridge Thornton became more and more interested in missions, and he signed the Student Volunteer Movement declaration which read: “It is my purpose, if God permit, to become a foreign missionary.”

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Pray for boldness and pure devotion among today’s students whom God has called to the frontiers of mission.

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