Daily Topic for April 02, 2011

Psalms 32: 5b
I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord”—and You forgave the guilt of my sin.

As we prepare our hearts for Resurrection Sunday on the 24th of this month, let us think about why it was necessary for Him to be slain. We know that He has victory over death and the sole power to forgive sins because of His death and resurrection. Because of His sovereignty and mercy, He has both the power and the will to forgive sinful mankind. But what can others do that don’t know of His saving power? Will it be enough on the Day of Judgment for them to call on the power of Thor? Is it right for us to enjoy His forgiveness while others look for truth and righteousness in the wrong places?

Pray for the unreached nations in Europe to know that only Christ has power to forgive sins.

Missionary Biography, Continued

by KC

On his second attempt to reach the Saxons of Germany, Boniface passed through Bavaria where there were already strong churches and monasteries. Working through the monasteries, Boniface tried to stir up mission efforts.

Boniface went to Frisia where a king who was hostile to the gospel had recently died. Boniface worked for the next three years under the aging St. WIlibrord. During this time thousands of Frisians either returned to the faith or became new believers. Then Boniface went to Hessia to win others to the faith.

At this point it’s necessary to mention Germany’s wavering response to mission work. For hundreds of years the Germans swayed between a diluted form of Christianity called Aryanism and their ancient tribal religions. Many of the people in Germany were followers of Aryanism, a sect that believed that Jesus was not divine. Others maintained the traditional religions, one of which included the god, Thor, whose power was centered in an oak tree in Geismar, a town in Hessia.

Hessia was Boniface’s next mission field. He won many to the Lord there, including two chiefs. His mission efforts were well-received in Hessia, and he even established a monastery there. Then he went to Rome for his second visit. When Boniface returned to Hessia, he found the people were returning to their worship of Thor. It was time to take drastic measures.

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Pray for today’s missionaries to have discernment as to when and where they should confront false gods.

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