Daily Topic for January 04, 2011

Exodus 3:12
And God said, “I will be with you.”

It could have been comforting for Moses to know that God would be with him, had he only taken God at His word. From Scripture Earl and Helena Dix knew that God is indeed with His children when they obey His direction. Though they faced difficulties, God showed that indeed He was with the Dixes. The results of their work is still felt today!

Pray that you will have a listening heart, so that the Lord can direct you to do and be all that He wants for you.

Missionary Biography, Continued

by AL “Earl Dix Adventurer for God, an Autobiography.”

A friend wrote, “Earl Dix was a member of the Azande tribe. All he lacked was a Zande mother and father, but that didn’t seem to matter. It never kept him from being part of the inner circle.” Earl knew the African, but he also knew God—and he talked freely to each about the other.

In many ways, Earl Dix became known as the man who could do the impossible. Earl was asked to drill wells on AIM stations with a percussion drill—a dangerous machine he knew nothing about. Others failed, but Earl successfully drilled wells for several mission stations and later for the government without a single accident. He built a school building in record time for 60 percent of the estimated cost. Perhaps his most difficult job (at age 75!) was salvaging poles and wire to build 15 miles of electric lines to transmit current to the Nyankunde Medical Center.

Earl Dix died in 1985 at 81, and Helena a couple of years later. Together they spent 54 years in missionary service in Africa.

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Thank the Lord for the eternal life that He gave to many people through the ministry of Earl and Helena Dix. Pray that other potential missionaries to the unreached also see the “forever” impact of their lives.

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