Daily Topic for December 02, 2010

Matthew 5:17
Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.

The Gairdners went to people who were “under a law” so to speak, the Muslims. Their purpose was to convince Egyptian Muslims that Jesus fulfilled the law that they so diligently tried to obey. They used the printed page, drama and music to express this message. Giving the message is only one part of the process; others must accept it.

Pray for God the Holy Spirit to give faith in Christ’s fulfillment of the law to Egyptian Muslims, so that they can be set free from the law to obey the One who calls us to live by grace.

Missionary Biography, Continued

by AL

“It is to Islam I go—not to any particular phase of it. My ideal is to become a master in Arabic, and perhaps to help in creating a Christian literature in that tongue; and thus to get at the heart of the problem of Islam.”

Thus it was that in 1903, Temple Gairdner, with his friend Douglas Thornton, started a great literary campaign for Christ in Cairo. On his furlough in 1904, he had asked his mission’s approval to start, with Thornton’s help, a literature department and to publish a weekly magazine explaining the Christian faith. The first issue of Orient and Occident appeared in 1905. In just a few years its circulation climbed to 3,000 in 14 Muslim countries.

Just the year before, Temple Gairdner had married his childhood sweetheart. It was not easy for his bride to give up their privacy a few months after their marriage when it was decided the Thorntons and the Gairdners would move into a house together.

In the salon they entertained students and government workers, and held meetings in English and Arabic. Often hostile Muslims disturbed these gatherings, and the furniture was smashed. Gairdner loved people unconditionally and gave himself for those around him, even when it was costly.

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Pray that God the Holy Spirit will continue to do a new work in His most gifted workers.

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