Daily Topic for May 03, 2011

Romans 15:20
It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else’s foundation.

One thing Patti Lane and her church co-workers understand better than most of us is that the gospel is not known by many ethnic immigrant groups, even in the well evangelized West. Last month we prayed, and this month we will continue to pray for peoples who are culturally beyond the reach of the gospel, though they live in places like Paris and Texas where Christ’s Word is available. Many of us can reach the unreached in our own cities, and not build on another’s foundation.

Pray that the Lord will foster in our churches this same ambition to preach the gospel where Christ is not named, even if it means “staying” at home and working with the unreached in our own cities.

Missionary Biography, Continued

by Patty Lane

“Today my ministry is divided into four categories. First I work with existing intercultural churches. I help provide resources and counsel, as these churches impact their communities and take the gospel to the unreached. Secondly, I help ethnic fellowships coordinate training and events to stimulate spiritual growth and outreach. Third, I work with intercultural churches as they are on mission around the world, often with their own people group in their home country or in their Diaspora. Through our leadership team we encourage and support mission work through indigenous leaders so that the gospel is spread in effective, culturally appropriate ways. Not only has missions come to Texas (through the people groups now living here) but it has also gone out from Texas as those reached here are sent out!

Fourth, I work to mobilize churches to reach out to the unreached people groups. Often this includes ministry with refugee groups and church planting strategies among other unreached groups. Both the refugees and those ministering to them often need resources and counsel on the many issues that face these new arrivals. My ministry includes advocating for and locating resources specific to each need and language. I also seek culturally appropriate ways to communicate the gospel and teach others skills necessary for healthy cross-cultural relationships.

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Pray for new believers in each of these people groups to be strengthened in their faith and have the courage to plant the gospel seeds within their own communities.

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