Daily Topic for June 10, 2010

Matthew 7:27
The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.

The peoples of Sumatra understand the possibilities of losing everything in a natural disaster. Groups like the Minang and the Acehnese have survived devastating disasters. Today’s reading hints at the importance of building one’s “house” on a firm foundation. As it stands, the Minang people who don’t have the money for concrete must settle for a weak foundation for their homes. That’s sad, but not as sad as the weak spiritual foundation of folk Islam.

Pray for a spiritual transformation among the Minang people that will lead them to build their spiritual homes on the firm foundation, Jesus Christ.

Minang People

by N.W.

The concrete house shifted as the Minang family watched, wondering if it was safe to go inside. The mother, Ermawati, was dreading more aftershocks. Ermawati’s home is located on what is sometimes called the “Ring of Fire” fault line. Her home is built with concrete, yet it is very unstable. Even if Ermawati had money to rebuild, she had no idea if those who built it would make sure it was sturdy enough to withstand earthquakes.

It is only a matter of time before the ground will shake again. Next time their home might be completely ruined. Ermawati recently told her children that if their home crumbles they must move to a different location.

This family is from the influential Minang people. Minangs often move to where they can make a good living, so there are Minang people all over Sumatra and other Indonesian islands. They live with no hope. Their Islamic beliefs leave them feeling like they must accept whatever Allah wills. Their animistic practices offer them even less assurance.

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Pray for a hunger for spiritual truth among these influential people. Pray for a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit that will draw thousands of Minang people into Christ’s holy kingdom. Pray that there will soon come a day when Minang households will use their influence to win other Indonesian Muslims to Him.

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