Daily Topic for January 09, 2011

Habakkuk 2:9a
Woe to him who builds his realm by unjust gain.

The Midob people have the unsavory reputation of making their living by stealing livestock from other tribes. This unjust gain puts them under God’s curse. But this can be changed! The Greeks that Paul addresses in his epistles along with the Celts, Vikings, and the Goths all lived in unjust, cruel and immoral cultures. But those who chose to follow God were delivered from their own destructive ways.

Pray that the Midob people will choose to be delivered from stealing and other unjust gain. Pray that they will choose to follow God’s ways, which are far higher than man’s ways.

Midob People

by JWS

“Why are they avoiding us?” muttered the Midob youth as he sees a group of outsiders turning their horses away from his village and going back the way they came. He doesn’t know that his people are noted for stealing livestock, so other people groups avoid them.

The Midob people are semi-nomadic shepherds and subsistence farmers. Around 60,000 of them live in the Midob Hills in western Sudan. The women and children tend the gardens which are kept close to the huts. The men sell the livestock in Libyan cities. When they are home, they are constantly moving their livestock to new pasture. The Midobs manage to grow enough sorghum, millet and vegetables to supplement their diet of goat meat and milk. During the last couple of decades of drought, men often migrate to Libyan cities in search of employment.

The Midobs are 100 percent Muslim. The men observe Muslim festivals, the daily prayers and attend the mosques. The women stay home and are known to practice pre-Islamic rituals such as fertility rites and divination. There are no known followers of Christ among them, and there are no gospel materials in their language. No mission agency is working with the Midob at this time.

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Pray that the Lord will reveal Himself through divine visitations and dreams, especially to the village headmen, who are very influential. Pray they will welcome Christ followers into their communities.

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