Daily Topic for September 29, 2011

Genesis 3:9
But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you”?

God knew the answer to this question. But the reason He asks it is for us to know the answer—for us to realize where we are. Taking the gospel into a lost world today requires the same perspective. Before lost nations can be redeemed, just as with lost individuals, they must understand where they are and how they got there. As the maxim goes, you have to get a person to know he is lost (that is to recognize the reality), before you can get him saved. For this reason, many Bible translators and missionaries are seeing that the best place to begin with an unreached people group is in Genesis. Without the knowledge of the fall of man and the need for a savior, the Bible has no context.

Pray that Merat Rajput people might understand that they are lost, and that they must rely on God alone to save them.

Merat Rajputs in Nepal

by EJD

Asha broke into a cold sweat at the medical clinic. “Asha, you are going to have a baby,” repeated the kindly doctor while Asha sat on the examining table with an ashen look. Her husband’s thundering voice echoed in her head. “Another girl and we won’t be able to live! Where will I find the money for the dowry?”

After what seemed like an eternity to the puzzled doctor, Asha slowly broke into an insincere smile. The older woman’s eyebrows furrowed as she asked, “What is the matter?” Asha wasn’t sure if she could trust the kindness of this elderly doctor, but in her vulnerability, she needed a shoulder to cry on. She sobbed, “If I have another girl, my husband will harm the baby.”

Like other women within the Merat Rajput community, Asha is under pressure to give birth to sons rather than daughters. According to their customs, Merat girls must marry men from a higher caste. Marrying into a higher caste means paying a larger, often unaffordable, dowry to the groom’s family. Although the Merats of Nepal are Muslims, their culture and religion is a hybrid of Hindu and Muslim traditions.

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Pray that dehumanizing cultural beliefs and practices would be overturned by a saving knowledge of Christ. Pray for God’s Kingdom to come to the Merat community in such a way that righteousness, justice, and love would define them, and Christ would be glorified.

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