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Proverbs 31:28
Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her…

It must have been encouraging for Mary Slessor to be called, “Ma,” which gave her the status of a mother in the community. It took a tremendous amount of courage and love to stand up for what was right, just as Columba did hundreds of years ago to reach the war-like Scots. Perhaps there are some African “Ma’s” and “Pa’s” who will take up Slessor’s work to see justice done, and the Kingdom extended.

Pray that God will raise up hundreds of courageous, loving “Ma’s” to stand up for what is right and be salt and light among the folk-Islamic peoples of West Africa.

Mary Slessor - Missionary Biography, 2 of 3

by Keith Carey

David Livingstone, a Scottish missionary, was the inspiration to believers in Scotland. When he died, many, including young Mary, were determined to continue Livingstone’s work in Africa. She was accepted in 1875 to go with the Calabar Mission to what is now Nigeria.

Calabar was a place where slavery was common and life was cheap. Tough warriors confronted one another, and there was much bloodshed. Such people were no match for Mary Slessor, and her God!
One of the customs in this part of the world regarded twins. The Africans believed that when twins were born, one of them must be the child of the devil, so one of them always lost his life at birth. They thought this red-haired woman was senseless when she insisted on adopting these doomed babies. However, she also won their respect because of her boldness and lack of fear. She earned the endearing nickname, “White Ma,” which gave her the status of a mother in their communities. There were times when two groups of men were ready to fight to the death, and Slessor would stand between the two groups and demand that they talk things out and settle matters peacefully. Normally someone would be killed for such an act, but they respected her enough to do what she demanded.

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Pray for a holy boldness and courage in today’s missionaries

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