Daily Topic for October 12, 2010

Acts 9:3
As he (Paul) neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him.

Like the Marwari people we are praying for today, Paul was a man who had prestige in a number of communities. With his credentials as a Jewish scholar, he could reach out to the Jews. His Roman citizenship made him the envy of even Roman centurions (see Acts 22:25-29). But even Paul, the great apostle, had to be knocked off his horse before he would submit to the everlasting Lord!

Pray that God will raise up apostles among the prestigious Marwaris so they can do their part in expanding His Kingdom.

Marwari Peoples In India

by MB

The Marwaris are a unique people, in that the name refers to a region in India’s Rajasthan State, rather than a tribe. For this reason, there are Marwari Brahmins, Marwari Rajputs, etc… In spite of the differences between each group, there is one commonality: most of them are noted for their abilities as businessmen.

The Marwaris have been known for their business savvy throughout the centuries. In the 1700s, Marwaris were involved in commercial and banking enterprises, regional development, law firms, and finance departments. From the 18th to the 19th century many Marwaris migrated to Myanmar, Bangladesh, eastern India and beyond where they helped develop the economy with their business skills.

The Marwaris typically blend in with local regional cultures. This places them in a position of cross cultural influence as a Marwari might relate linguistically with other Marwari speakers, regionally with other Rajasthanis, socially with others of the Vaishya caste, religiously with other Hindus, and culturally with other businessmen. Think of how mobile these people are! One Marwari finding salvation in Christ alone could impact others in at least five other groupings of people!

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Pray for the gospel to flourish among these well-connected businessmen who are spread throughout India, Pakistan and across the globe. Pray that their hearts and minds will be receptive to the ways of Christ.

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