Daily Topic for January 29, 2011

Nahum 1:5
The mountains quake before Him…. The earth trembles at His presence, the world and all who live in it.

In Jonah we read of God’s grace toward Nineveh. In Nahum we read of Nineveh’s final destruction. Surrounding nations had suffered from her cruelty, but God remembered them (1:2) and came in fury to bring about Nineveh’s downfall. Nahum reminds us that God deals with all peoples in complete justice. To those who turn to Him, He is compassionate (1:7), but to those who defy Him He brings punishment (1:9).

Pray that our Holy God will use our testimony to call the rulers of our day to humble submission to His Word.

Mararit Tama People

by KC

Manure makes all the difference to peoples like the Tama groups that farm poor, sandy soil. Therefore it pays to have livestock as well as gardens. The livestock provide milk, meat and manure, the latter being a primary source of fertilizer which makes their crops grow considerably better than the non-livestock owning Tama subgroups.

Along with the Sungor Tamas we prayed for yesterday, the Mararit Tamas are settled herders. It’s difficult to make a living in their homeland, which straddles Chad and Sudan. They are still so poor that many of them migrate elsewhere to earn a living. It is common for young Tama men of any subgroup to try to make their living outside of their homeland.

Almost all of the Tama subgroups, including the Mararits, lack a gospel witness in their homeland. Few can read or write, so non-printed materials are best for them.

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Pray for gospel recordings, the JESUS Film, radio broadcasts, and other materials to be widely distributed among the Mararit Tamas. Pray for expert storytellers to tell entire Mararit villages about the glory of the Savior who is in the image of God.

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