Daily Topic for September 21, 2011

Isaiah 61:10:10
I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God. For He has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness… and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.

The Lord has clothed His children with the garment of salvation! The beauty is compared to that of a bride in her jewelry. What a beautiful garment that is! But the Manihar people who make their living by making jewelry are missing out on this God-given finery.

Pray that some believer will go to this group for as long as needed to ensure that the Manihar people will know about the garments of salvation and the robes of righteousness promised by the One who calls us to Himself.

Manihar People

by JS

If one thinks of Hindu, the natural corollary is “caste,” for the two go hand in hand. Although India’s government officially abolished the caste system in the 1960s, it does, in fact, still exist. Caste is a basic institution of Indian society. That there should be castes among Muslims seems like a contradiction. Muslims in India do not make up a separate society. They live in the same villages as Hindus and participate with them in the same ancient vocational specialties that make up the caste system.

Manihar is a caste that traditionally makes bangles and beaded jewelry. In fact “man” means “jewel” in Urdu. This caste is one of the most widespread Muslim communities in India and in the Terai Region of Nepal. One Manihar family had just returned to their home village after the husband had made a lot of money. The wife wore expensive clothes, and she was not recognized as she came in as a guest at a wedding of a higher caste family. She was seated at the table with the higher caste guests, but one of them recognized her and refused to sit with her. After a lot of embarrassment, the Manihar lady had to sit and eat on the floor. Likewise, Jesus was chastised by the “higher caste” Pharisees for eating with “sinners.”

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Pray that someone will reach the Manihar caste with the good news that they are loved by Jesus and are equal to all others.

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