Daily Topic for September 10, 2010

Genesis 1:31
God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.

That God created the world in perfection is a foundational truth in Scripture. There is something about the beauty we find in creation that tells us there must be something deeper behind it. The incredible creativity we find in the universe gives us a clue of how great God is. What’s more, God designed us with the capacity to appreciate that beauty. This alone should tell us we are not here by accident, nor is the universe. Unfortunately, in the world today, unredeemed nations live in constant fear of the true Creator. Satan has sought to distort our interpretation of God’s powerful revelation by turning our natural awe of what God has made into confusion, terror and idolatry.

Pray that the unreached peoples of the world might rediscover the glory of God in all that He has made.

Maldivians in Sri Lanka

by JWS

The Maldive Islands lie west of Sri Lanka and the governments of the two countries have enjoyed friendly relations for years. Says one expatriate Maldivian, “Sri Lanka gave the Maldives our first Constitution in 1932. Sri Lanka was the home for politicians who transformed hundreds of years of monarchy to republican rule in 1952. Sri Lanka is where we gained our independence from the British. Sri Lankan teachers have taught almost all our alumni on both sides of the political spectrum. It is no wonder that Sri Lanka today is breathing life into political trends in the Maldives, ushering in political pluralism for the first time in our country’s history.”

About 4,000 Maldivians live in Sri Lanka. They are mostly business owners and students. Many leave the Maldives to escape high unemployment and pervasive poverty.
Maldivians are 99 percent Muslim, but Sri Lankans are 75 percent Buddhist. Friction exists in Sri Lanka between the two nationalities, for political, economic and religious reasons. In recent years, Maldivians have been arrested for smuggling drugs, accused of stockpiling guns and even alleged to be linked to Al-Qaeda. About eight percent of Sri Lankans are Christian, and only one-tenth of one percent of Maldivians are believers. Literacy is high; above 90 percent in both countries.

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Pray for a Bible translation to be produced in Divehi, the Maldivian’s heart language. Pray for believers in Sri Lanka to reach out and tell the Maldivians about the “peace that passes understanding.” Pray against dark spiritual forces in both countries.

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