Daily Topic for February 12, 2010

Proverbs 22:15
Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far from him.

Maguzawa teens are noted by their Muslim neighbors for their foolish, sensuous behavior. Why are they doing these things? Do they not know any better? The Islamic religion, which they agree with, teaches against such things. There is enough truth in Islam to steer faithful Muslims away from certain kinds of folly.

Pray that the Maguzawa people will soon be motivated to follow the Lamb. Pray that they will turn away from being an example of what not to be, and become an example of holy virtue. May their example affect Muslim peoples throughout West Africa.

Maguzawa People of Nigeria

by PE

Twelve-year-old Aswad and his Hausa cousin of the same age, Abeeku, huddled in the bushes, watching Maguzawa teens frolic in the river. They were supposed to be watching their younger brothers Bem and Badu. “Abeeku, look! The girls aren’t wearing much, and they are swimming with the boys! Will they be beaten?”

Aswad replied, “No, this is the way of the Maguzawas. They don’t keep girls covered like we do. Tonight they will dance with the boys wearing only a brief undergarment.” Abeeku was speechless. What kind of Muslims are these people?

Suddenly they heard their little brothers screaming from the buildings behind them. The older brothers ran to their aid. “May’iyali is after us!” Bem said crying. Aswad looked up to see a health worker shaking a cloth out in preparation for a clinic. “No Bem, that is only a nurse, not the spirit that carries a cloth to take children.”

Though the 148,000 Maguzawas are a subgroup of the Hausas, they are very different culturally. Both groups are folk Islamic, but the Maguzawas are far more “folk” than Islamic. They don’t keep the genders separated like good Muslims, and they worship many pre-Islamic gods. For this reason, they are looked down upon by the more “Islamic” Hausas.

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Pray that someone will go to tell the Maguzawa people of the Savior who loves and will accept them. Pray that God will draw a great harvest of Maguzawa souls into His kingdom.

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