Daily Topic for September 20, 2011

Genesis 1:31
God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.

The fact that God created the world in perfection is a foundational truth in Scripture. There is something about the beauty we find in creation that tells us there must be someone wonderful behind it. The incredible creativity we find in the universe gives us a clue that the Person who created it is God almighty. Furthermore, He designed us with the capacity to appreciate that beauty. This alone should tell us we are not here by accident. Unfortunately, many people throughout the world live in constant fear of this wonderful Creator. Satan has sought to distort our interpretation of His wonderful revelation by turning our natural awe of what God has made into terror and idolatry.

Pray that the unreached peoples of the world might rediscover the glory of God in all that He has made.

Lohar People

by JS

The Lohar man often felt isolated, alone and like an outsider as he traveled from village to village offering his blacksmith skills to farmers who needed iron farming implements. He looked like many of the Lohar villagers, yet he was different. They were Hindu, and he was Muslim. The Muslim Lohars of Nepal number only 400 out of 106,000 of the total Lohar population in Nepal.

Most of the Lohars are blacksmiths and have been practicing their trade for as long as they can remember. The Hindus among them have an elaborate mythology of their origin, and they observe the traditional Hindu festivals and cultural practices. The Muslim Lohars often face persecution because they are the minority group. Both groups need to know Jesus, the Savior. Like all people groups, there are Lohar people with leadership skills who can direct their people to the Savior, if only they would hear of Him and respond to His offer of salvation and love.

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Pray that the Lord will make Himself known to the Muslim Lohar people, and that they will be open when they hear the truth about Jesus being lord and savior. Pray that God will lead His envoys to those whose hearts have been prepared to receive His Word. Pray that the Lohar people, be they Muslim or Hindu, will be ready to repent before a holy God.

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